Our Business
We are IP attorneys who generate business benefits for clients through IP.

Our strength is that we provide one stop services related to IP, from how to obtain IP rights to how to reap profit by using them. Many IP attorneys in Japan focus on only prosecutions and IP lawyers focus on only litigations. However, we manage both, handling issues from both perspectives, such as obtaining patents for avoiding litigation arguments or securing strong patent rights for winning lawsuits.

Moreover, we also take a practical view, thus we consider how to contribute to the clients’ benefits by using IP, such as either obtaining patent rights or keeping new technology as trade secrets.

Our Professional Expertise

IP field
Patents (Mechanical Engineering, Electric & IT, Chemistry & Life science), Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, Legal Matters.

Our Related Business Activities
Advising on Product Development, Marketing Support, Human Resources Education.

Business areas of our clientele include: Chemistry & Materials, Life Science, Food Science, Mechanical Engineering.
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